RAY HO is the other half of the creative team of WESTTOPIA.

I am a recent Local in the Art Dept. community in the LA Film industry, based out of Orange County. I wear many hats from Serial Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Tattoo Artist, Industrial Artist, and Set Design.  I draw from my  prior experience in graphic design and mainly from skateboarding, music, and my craftsmanship in the medium of wood and metal.




Raised in the Bay Area of California, I was able to absorb the culture of the free thinking philosophy the City had to offer. The city influenced many of my artistic development from skateboarding the streets, to music at underground venues, watching indie films down in the Mission District, and shopping the many Fashion houses in Union Square. I was able to take these influences and developed a sense of my own style in which many have come to admire. I take these influences from my life and transcend them into my designs, whether it be in my Paintings, or Set Design in Film. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, I find myself drawn back into what my influences and from there I am able to create.

Checkout my past and present work