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Mister Ray is my tattoo artist name that i am known in the industry by. I started Tattooing many years ago, but without the proper guidance and training, it made it difficult to achieve success. Forward to 2014 and I was able to aquire a year of apprenticeship at the age of 38 yrs old. The adage of ” it’s never too late to start” is an example here in my progress in the tattoo industry. I was able to apprentice under Trip ( Ryan Lopez) a young man who has had almost 10 years in the tattoo industry. I was fortunate to have started at Explicit Ink in Fullerton, CA located in a strip mall. It was a humble beginning as all apprenticeships start off. The daily task of a glorified janitor was to empty the trash of biohazards, empty the tattoo artist station of any trash, mop twice daily the bathroom, mop the shop floor, answer calls, do whatever was asked of me by the tattoo artist. Lucky for me, none of the artists were eager to make my life difficult. Instead it was nothing but pleasant interactions with clients and having the ability to excel in my training. Within 4 months I had already been given a custom set of American made machines by Big Mike; an artist I would later join forces with. I began to be taught the various aspects of tattooing after completing a BBP and registering with the OC health Department, I was given the ability to start tattooing. At first it was difficult in some ways, even if I had tattooed in the past, it was more just not wanting to mess up on a person’s skin. I mean its for life, right?

After a year of apprenticeship in the industry, I was basically let loose onto the community to tattoo. And the results…

Black N Grey on Mathias upper arm
Buddha on right upper arm